Superhero cosplay, the female version of Spider-Man is the sweetest, and the female Thor is heroic!

Nowadays, superhero movies have attracted more and more attention from audiences around the world. In addition to the cool special effects in the movies, they are more attractive and have the personal charm of superheroes. Of course, many fans ca n’t help themselves. Now, some fans have also cosplayed their favorite superheroes. Let’s see if they look like it.


In Marvel movies, we are familiar with Spider-Man Peter Parker. As we all know, he is a man, but in fact, Spider-Man also has a woman, you will know after watching the movie “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe”. The beauty of the cosplay Spider-Man in the picture above is really perfect. She has a slender body and looks very sweet overall. It looks like she is in love after watching it.


Seeing this handsome guy holding a trident in his hand, and a flowing hair, it is easy to guess that it is the sea king in DC, but compared to the sea king played by Jason Momma, this is still bad A big part, the image is good, but it is too thin.

Black widow

From the picture above, the beauty’s red hair and black uniform make it easy to think of the black widow in the Marvel movie. The black widow was played by Scarlett. It was a bit like Scarlett. The look was too much like a mouth.

Captain America

The color of the clothes can make people think of Captain America for a moment. The female version of the US team is really beautiful and pretty hot, but it looks a bit like a cheerleader. Do you like this version of the US team?

Wonder Woman

In contrast, the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman is almost perfect, with a super high value and a golden ratio version, which is fascinating. The other version of Wonder Woman, although the shape and image are good, seems to be too burly, too strong, and lacks a sense of beauty.


The first time I saw this version of Thor, I was amazed. Compared to other cosplays, she was very imaginary. This beauty showed the vicissitudes and sadness of Thor, and she felt particularly heroic.