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Does the costume of a superhero mean anything to our fashion?

The tree baby in “Galaxy Guard 2” has turned over countless girls, and the old sensation of bravery has earned enough tears. The naked upper body and big muscles of Star Jue are really catching people’s eyes… What? Naked upper body? You must have missed the T-shirt that he took off.

The strange alien slogan on this white T-shirt inspired a heated discussion. The netizens later deciphered this stalk. This alien slogan comes from the English variant “Gear Shift”, which means “shifting”. A US 70s trend comes from the pavement, while the atomic pattern in the upper right corner is a little bit. The cosmic sense, the words next to are: dust, stone, ash, cement, respectively, dust, momentum, ash, cement – this is very loyal to the brand image of “Galaxy Guard”: a grand cosmic view mix American retro style .

Does the costume of a superhero mean anything to our fashion?

“Galaxy Guard 2” stills

In fact, this T-shirt came out in the first trailer. The design of black and white and gray is simple and generous. The alien slogan is full of galaxies, galaxy, time and space. The most wonderful thing is the texture of cotton. The big breast muscle of Star Jue is just sprayed out under this cotton T-shirt. Do you have nasal sprays on your girls?

Star’s T-shirt may not be available because it was designed by Karen TenEyck. Who is Karen TenEyck? The art designer of the Marvel Universe movie. She is not a fashion designer. Such a T-shirt like this is full of geek and cosmic. In the end, the spacesuit that the courage gave up and let the star prince put on, although it is a concept product, but the close-fitting texture and flashing lines still reveal a strong sense of science and technology.

Does the costume of a superhero mean anything to our fashion?

Left: Iron Man Middle: Captain America Right: Raytheon

Looking back at the superhero, whether it’s the US captain’s Under Amour, or Robert Downey Jr. himself with his own T-shirt to the “Iron Man” studio, then to the “Avengers” inside Iron Man ridiculed the Ray in the shirt” The stalks of Shakespeare’s theatrical scene, these costumes are almost inconsistent with fashion. For fashion, there is almost no reference, but they almost burst into the various catwalk fashions on the runway. Hot topics have either become big-selling items, so, do superhero costumes have any meaning for our fashion?

A few days ago, I went to the United States to explore the scene of a super hero film. Which one can’t be said, because I signed a confidentiality agreement, hehe. After reading a few pieces of flowers, a fashion commentator exclaimed that the design was like Chanel. The film also specially arranged for us to arrange the costume design of the film for us to interview. She explained that for the superheroes, her team, although spending a lot of time on the design of superhero costumes, but they are not I hope that fans will pay special attention to the clothes they wear when they watch movies.

why? The meaning of these costumes lies in their own character, origin, and super power. If a superhero’s outfit captures the eye of a movie viewer, their other characteristics are diminished.

Just like the star-studded T-shirt wearing this alien slogan, his fascinating image is on the paper; Iron Man’s simple T-shirt also makes a cynical playboy look like alive; Captain America’s tight Armor forever It highlights the sense of justice and strength of this character, and of course, his muscles; Raytheon’s armor, red cloak, reminding attention all the time: he is the god of northern Europe.

The costumes on the show may be full of enthusiasm, but how many people will wear the street? With that said, what does the superhero costume mean to our general public? That may be telling us that the meaning of clothing always lies in shaping the character of the character. As the general public, we should never be tired of clothing and fashion.